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About us

A company dedicated to specialized graphic printing

About us

TARGUET is a company dedicated to specialized graphic printing; We are a group of professionals who have managed to do our work with quality and excellence, as something from day to day.

We are a serious company that works with passion for what we do, because we love to do what we know best and listen to what the client wants.

We are ready for new challenges, because we understand that we do not know everything, but we have the tools and the capacity to face challenges that our clients need to reflect.

We dream of colors, papers, textures, shapes, designs, because it is our way of life.


Provide specialized graphic printing products and integral identification solutions, with excellence and passion. Our effort is reflected in satisfied customers, in the welfare of those who work and our families.


To be a leader in specialized graphic printing and integral identification solutions, nationally and internationally competitive; with highly trained, committed and motivated personnel, to inspire a model of integral organization.


Punctuality: Punctuality is the care and diligence in doing things in due time or in arriving at a place at the agreed time.

Integrity: It is the attitude of the person that allows him to be and act according to his principles and values and not according to the circumstances. This attitude is reflected in all aspects of his life.

Acuity: The person considers every important detail and therefore works with firmness, excellence, efficiency and perseverance, developing all their potential.

Commitment: The person puts to the maximum his capacities to carry out everything that has been entrusted to him.

Give: The person is willing to share their time and resources with other people in order to achieve a common goal, always looking for ways to inspire and motivate the people around them.

Respect: The person recognizes, accepts, appreciates and values the qualities of others and their rights.

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